American football family’s new number

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Lens slowly past the patriots quarterback Tom. Brigham di frustrated faces, the former the golden child is 35, just four years, he twice and create history won the super bowl MVP three dream near at hand, both times in the last moment by the same individual pieces-maybe this is the so-called fate.

Indiana Lucas oil stadium had fall in innumerable celebration of the ribbons. In the after more than four hours after the game, the New York giants quarterback, Iraq. Petre manning was voted the MVP, this is he the super bowl 42 nd NFL after won the award. , 31, NFL history petre manning become fifth won two super bowl M V P player. It has long been eager for the star of the evening surrounded, indiana Lucas oil field is N FL team Indianapolis colts’ twin, this season with the team payton. cheap mlb jerseys   Petre manning injury for the colts’ suspended the super bowl, enthusiasm of indiana fans to support the giants brother peyton west lead. “In this place win again have special meaning for me.” Iraq after the game was so said.

The explanation for the media’s brother at home in a declaration of independence. The first family’s younger son N FL no father strong, no brother make public. For a long time, people were sure, to the character of the collect inside calm quarterback for, get rid of the fame of fathers, from family is a difficult challenge. And now, is he proved of yourself,cheap nba jerseys for the past four years, he led a often encounter fans demanding second-rate team twice won the highest honor. Perhaps just as his father after the old petre manning is pleased to comment on that, “Iraq is already, a good quarterback, and whether can enter style-as long as he is willing to, I think, nothing is impossible.”

Calm MVP

In the giants won the super bowl this year, is not only New York, home of New Orleans in petre manning, people also difficult to their excited, “yes, all too excited, sure, the carnival of celebration is under preparation, Cheap Jerseys  and everyone was waiting for the moment. Triumph” Super bowl of the second day, Iraq’s father YiJi stood in front of the flock to accept the news broadcast.

The 63-year-old petre manning made no effort to hide his hockey jerseys   The former team saints quarterback in 14 years of professional football career has never won a LongBaDi cup, but for NFL contributed two super bowl M V P quarterback. In the past five years, his two sons, payton. Petre manning and Iraq has three degrees, won the super bowl MVP trophy.

The 36 year-old payton. Petre manning, is the Indianapolis colts quarterback, cheap soccer jerseys  the past 10 years has been considered the best in the history of NFL quarterback, the 2009 season has created four take regular season MVP NFL history, has four times led his team killed into al (AFC) south of the final. In addition, he keep records including the only five seasons of more than 4000 yards passing the quarterback; The only one for seven straight seasons passing of more than 25 times in player; The only have four games is almost perfect quarterback rating players. And the last two seasons, with payton appear injuries, 31, Iraq is gradually into the career of gold, especially the key moment he led in the home of the giant brother indiana Lucas oil stadium put away the patriots, the second time in four years of super bowl MVP, as the old petre manning said, “that is making history moment”.


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