In the Lakers’ jersey Howard hope to start

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Just from the magic to join the Lakers’ Howard, yesterday in Shanghai Luwan stadium appearance, officially opened his this year ” Zijin overlord China ” activities. Howard loves his fans to show his Lakers New Jersey as well as for the Bank of China the Adidas Nike to create special Tiger color, for this second activity elegance.
” When I find very excited, very happy. Although it seems that everyone know before me this decision, cheap jerseysbut I’m happy look forward to open a new chapter in my life. ” Howard an interview yesterday and fans to share the mood after joining the lakers.
The current leader is Kobe, he is also the history of the League to one of the best defenders. But in the Lakers’ team history, also there is no lack of such as Chamberlain and O’neal star center. But Howard said, cheap jerseysthey will not therefore bear too much pressure. ” I hope that in each game of the night, I can do the best, I hope everyone can play the perfect overall basketball. I think as a basketball player is the most important thing is to play my role now center, also need to further strengthen our ability to defend and attack ability, I entered the Lakers main goal is to help my team win. ” Howard says.


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