Weifang Olympic Sports Center Stadium bright stars

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Late on September 9, 2012, the Weifang Olympic Sports Center Stadium bright stars, in the nearly 10000 spectators cheering, Hongkong star football team Weifang super tournament staged passion, Alan Tam, Felix Wong, Natalis Chan, Timmy Hung, Law Ka Ying, Eddie Kwan, Dai Zhiwei, Bryan Leung and so on more than 30 Hongkong movie star and Shandong football starcheap jerseys together for the Weifang audience of a field grandstand.The game is divided into three sections, each 30 minutes. In the one or two quarter of the game, both players be well-matched in strength, a photo finish, although there are also several shots, but failed to score. The end of the second quarter, the score is 0:0, which makes the scene audicheap jerseysence’s mood becomes impatient. The first play of the third quarter after the whistle, the two players immediately started a violent attack, the players are not resigned to playing second fiddle, show their delicate footwork and with the tacit understanding, Shandong football star team advanced ball, to rewrite the score to 0:1. Hongkong star football team fight at twenty fifty-five, Alan Tam scored a penalty, will level the score. The tournament final to draw 1:1.In the evening of 8, held at the Hongkong star football team Weifang super friendly charitable welcome dinner, Weifang business people love to have loosen one’s purse strings generously, enthusiasm to participate in the auction. Among them, the Hongkong Star Football Team Signed Jersey into the auction focus, in 20 rounds of intense Jingpai, an unnamed Weifang entrepreneurs to exceed bid, win the scene applause.The last item is named ” Fu, Lu, Shou ” Vietnamese rosewood carving three piece set, Hongkong movie star Law Ka Ying loosen one’cheap jerseyss purse strings generously, eventually buy with 28000 yuan. It is reported, this charity dinner total raised about $1000000, money will be donated to Weifang Office of project hope, help solve the poverty of Weifang primary and middle school students’ life and school problems.



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