Beijing has held an international seven football games

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In 2002, Beijing has held an international seven football games, and in April of that year the wind field in cold, more make Chinese team head coach Zheng Hongjun impressed. In 2003 the Sydney World Cup Stadium, occupy the half of England Rugby fans discount nfl jerseysto stand almost stamped collapse, the tremor of the steel beam is also deeply shocked Zheng Hongjun.This is just one of more than 20 years many rock.20 years ago, at the China Agricultural University in the birth of China’s first football team. At that time, rugby this sport was born more than 160 years, and through colonization, cultural exchanges and other various ways were taken to every corner of the five continents, in the world to have a fever “fans “.For the past 20 years, football in China is still not out of the scattered in several universities and colleges. Chinese Football Association Secretary-General Liu Rongyao sits in the seven Hongkong international rugby match stands, wearing only a Chinese team sponsor’s coat, the feeling in the sport in China “minority “.” We officially practise Rugby girl not to 30, a team of at least 14, boys 100 men, ” said Liu Rongyao, ” but they are both 18 years old after touch rugby, are other strong projects do not cover. “In such circumstances, was set up in 2004 the Chinese seven people made the team two years later would become the first in asia. In February of this year’s tour of the United States international tournament, they defeated world third the host team, wcheap nfl jerseyson the inaugural tournament crown. Hongkong in March seven people football matches, they won the runner-up. The men’s team had won the bronze medal in the Doha Asian games.” We are a small workshop of large factories, now director of the Chinese women’s team ” head football coach Zheng Hongjun witnessed China football from lonely journey, once many times to go abroad to learn to observe the he echeap jerseysnjoying the huge drop of domestic abroad.Foreign football atmosphere hot, especially by young people. From childhood, adolescent to adult amateur, half occupation, occupation club, layer upon layer foundation. In Asia, Japan has carried out earlier, middle school, University of hundreds of thousands of detachment detachment, and each level occupation league. In New Zealand, the richest athletes is a rugby player. In Welsh, a national team Signed Jersey immediately from the 45 rose to more than 1000 pounds.” We can get the result, sometimes it is a kind of comfort, but in fact is a kind of sad, ” said Zheng Hongjun.



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