Pumps British nouns comparison table

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Pump English Daquan pump the Famous (Supplementary) 1, the generic term water supply and drainage engineering ground generic terms and their meanings should be suitable for the following delineation: 1, Water Supply Engineering watersupplyengineering raw water to take the set and renew,http://www.hydraulic-hose-fittings.net, as well as products for water distribution and engineering. 2, drainage works, sewerage, wastewater ground engineering wastewaterengineering gathered, transported, renew, and renew. 3, the water supply system watersupplysystem water supply ground water, water, water quality, renew, and with water and other walking into contact must be prepared in the ground as a whole. 4, drain the system seweragesystem drainage Club set, conveyor, water quality, renew, and emissions walking way the overall preparation must be integrated into the ground. 5, the water source watersource water supply project accessible ground the raw water body. 6, the the raw water rawwater from the water source to take to land raw water. 7, surface water surfacewater exists in the earth’s crust overview confided in atmospheric water. Groundwater groundwater present in the ground water in the the crust rock cracks or workers soil of vacancies. 9, brackish water (alkaline water) brackishwater alkalinewater alkalinity greater than the hardness of the water and containing a large amount of neutral salts, the pH value is greater than 7.10, freshwater freshwater salinity of less than 500mg / L in water. 11, cooling water coolingwater for drop is cooled as temperature to the water. 12, discharge of ground water and runoff rainwater and wastewater wastewater residents dealings general term. It enlist subsistence sewage the property wastewater and the early rain runoff and other water down the drain for them. 13 sewage sewage, wastewater by certain contamination from the living and the place of origin from the water. 14 water consumption waterconsumption the water like the fact that the operating ground water. 15, the amount of sewage wastewaterflow the sewageflow draining ground water as discharged into the sewage system. 16, the water quota waterflownorm differences drainage absolutely fair like in a time period intended unit displacement value. 17, drainage fixed wastewaterflownorm for differences drainage for elephants, in an era elaborated within reasonable with respect to unit displacement values. 18 the water quality waterquality in water and wastewater engineering, water-terrestrial physics, chemistry,hydraulic hose fittings, biology, earth nature.
channels channel, conduit natural, artificial cut, remediation, or masonry and water channel. 20, Heng-Yu, the pumping station pumpinghouse set the pump unit, electrical equipment and piping, gate valves and other places. 21 the pumping station pumpingstation pumping station and its supporting gait way to general. 22 water supply processor watertreatment for inappropriate use differences ills like water quality the imploringly water. Do a water quality improvement process of land. 23, sewage processor sewagetreatment, wastewatertreatment to do a contaminated sewage to reach a water drainage or re-operation of the water quality requirements for this process. The 24 wastewater renew wastewaterdisposal fate placed wastewater ground facts . Individual wastewater discharged into surface water bodies, emissions from land with the operation again. 25, the grille barscreen1 Grating every unclean equipment to veto the larger size in water submerged objects or the remaining debris. 26, aeration aeration of water in contact with the gas, the dissolved oxygen or dissipate water melt gas and volatile material to process. the abrationresistingpump wearable pump; absorptionpump receive the pump; acidpump acid pumps; the gulf pump activatedsludgepump activated sludge pump adjustablediaphragmpump adjustable; adjustabledischargegearpump the gear ratio pump; adsorptionvacuumpump adsorption vacuum pumps; agriculturalspraypump irrigation pumps; agriculturalspraypumpforchemicals agricultural spraying pumps; airliftpump bubble pump; Man wood Special pumps; gas lift pump; airoperatedpump shorten the air-driven pump; the air-poweredpistonpump wind acting piston pump; air-pressureactuatedslurrypump pneumatic mud pump; airtightscrewpump enclosed screw pump; allabronzepump full bronze pump; allironpump cast iron pumps; alloypump alloy pump; alloysteelpump alloy steel pump semi-tubular axial pump; angle-typeaxialflowpump; elbow axial flow pump; the the angle-typeaxialpistonpump inclined axis type axial piston pump; active pump animalself-operateddrinkingwaterpump manger; 6 animals take the initiative to drink the water pump; annularcasingpump ring shell pump; anti- rollpump Antirolling pump; Archimedeanscrewpump screw pump the; armouredpump armored pump; articulatedvanepump hinged vane pump the; ashpump ash pump; attachedpump slave pump; automatictroughpump the manger initiative pump priming pump automatically; 6 animals; automobilepump automotive pump the; auxiliarypump auxiliary pump; the assistance pump; auxiliarystrippingpump auxiliary sweep sump pumps; auxiliary clearance pump; aviationpump air pump; axialdouble


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